Our Work

Whether adding functionality to an existing product, redesigning a web property, or building a from scratch Augmented Reality app, we’re tackling new challenges all the time.  Take a look at some of the amazing companies with whom we are fortunate to be working.

Friends of SWAT is a non-profit which helps provide training and equipment to help protect SWAT teams across Minnesota.

Pinpoint is a revolutionary platform that assists companies in reducing their property taxes. 

Minnesota 100 Club is a decades old organization which helps the families of those killed or injured in public service. 

Evolving Solutions designs and builds leading IT solutions for the data center to improve enterprise data management.

Westwood is a land survey and engineering firm base in the Twin Cities with 9 regional offices.

Croocial is an incentive platform where users can earn money for themselves or for charity by helping their friends find jobs.

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