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How Build Labs partnered with The Clubhouse, a major sports community, to develop real time auctions

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Develop a web-based auction platform for sports trading cards.


Developed a user-friendly auction platform that could handle all the bidding processes in real time.

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Architecture Solution

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What we built

The Clubhouse was an emerging sports card community that wanted to add live auction capability to their website. Given the competitive and dynamic nature of the process they needed all bids to be resolved in less than a second and for the UI to be updated in real time. They also wanted to add live streaming video of the ‘breaks’ so users could watch the card boxes being opened and determine which cards they won. Build Labs delivered a robust auction engine using a .NET Core C# web application that integrates with Word Press for customer’s site and Stripe for payment processing. The live streaming and chat included integrations with and Finally, the bid notifications themselves were achieved via an integration with OneSignal.

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Our Technical Solution

The original choice was to use Word Press for the auction engine, but it became apparent as the demand on the auction engine grew that a higher performance solution was required.  We moved to .NET Core because it offered the processing power required to meet the combination of fast response times and many simultaneous users.

The auction engine was integrated with OneSignal to send out key notifications (such as auction status and whether a user had been outbid on an item).  After the winning bid was determined, orders were automatically created in Word Press and the appropriate credit card was billed via an integration with Stripe.

The streaming component of the application was handled via integrations with and for chat messaging and activity feeds.

The next phase of the development is currently underway and includes added payment support for PayPal.  Finally, a mobile application is in the works which being built using Flutter.

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