Case Study

How Banner partnered with Build Labs to rebuild their platform.

Banner needed to redesign and redevelop their customer-facing Cloud Data Services (CDS) dashboard. Leveraging data from Banner's DXM series of industrial wireless controllers, the dashboard allows users to monitor, change, and customize their data remotely and can track and display thousands of data points for 10s of thousands of connected devices.
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Pulling in immense amounts of data, both in volume and number of transactions per cycle, all the data needed to be pulled into to a single source, displayed to and manipulatable by each customer. These systems will be used by some of the most intense manufacturing companies in the world, like Ford and John Deere. It had to track and monitor complex changes, and relay alerts on anomalies. Any downtime caused by failure resulted in millions of dollars in lost revenue.


We built a new Linux gateway to allow data to be pushed to multiple servers simultaneously.

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What we built

Build Labs created a new linux gateway that could pull in data from tens of thousands of devices and sensors and allow that data traffic to be securely consumed by multiple different systems. We also designed and built the system interface, focusing on the most efficient user interactions.

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