Case Study

A multi-billion dollar smartgrid system manager needed help with reverse engineering

A multi-billion dollar energy grid management company had a project that had been built, but none of the original team was still there. Build Labs had to reverse engineer the code to set up automated processes. For 8 months, 2 engineers successfully teased apart thousands of lines of code for a platform they had never seen before. As the each element was identified, code comments were added to make future management of the platform easier for the next team.
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The application has been built by a team that was no longer with the company. It was a robust deployment with lots of hooks into other systems. The client needed to make pressing updates to what had become a black box.


Using the company’s existing Ansible Playbooks, Build Labs refactored and rebuilt components in Python and carefully added new elements when necessary. The application was deployed on AWS, per company standards, and was significantly condensed and streamlined. In the end, the Build labs team transformed a platform of outdated and jumbled code into a well-documented and optimized platform.

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Smart grid management
# of Revenue
1 Billion

What we built

Using Ansible, Python and AWS, Build Labs reverse engineered the existing system and deployed an updated, documented and streamlined platform. No additional details can be shared due to confidentiality agreements.

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