January 14, 2018 Accolades

Gee thanks, Clutch!

Normally my inbox is a flood of requests, responses, updates, and occasionally good news.  Today, was the latter.

Received word today that Build Labs received a Clutch Leader Award for IT and business services companies.  There were some really solid competitors in this category so 7th sounds just fine to us.

I suppose this is what happens when you truly focus on making a client’s mission our own.  Too many times I’ve seen project or service based companies focus on what is good for themselves, instead of focusing on what is good for the client.  When you align those two normally disparate outcomes (what’s good for them, what’s good for us) an amazing thing happens. Your success equals your clients’ success, and vice versa.

Huge thanks to the design and dev team who made all of this work possible.

Keep building!

The Build Labs Team