Digital Trust

VeriShare is set to revolutionize the digital exchange economy with their consumer verification platform: VeriShare. Now you can manage your own background check, drug screen, employment verification, etc.  VeriShare empowers uses by enabling them to share their verfied credentials with whomever they choose.


Created an audience-specific subdomain to slightly differentiate from Banner’s dominant presence.


Built on a modern stack using React, allowing for extensibility and reausability of components.


Working with the React framework, NodeJS powers the server-side processing with amazing speed.


Utilizing Express for the server-side logic for the web and mobile versions of the app.


Build Labs used Shopify as an eComm backend to manage cart, checkout, and payment processing.


VeriShare creates a new market of consumer-managed, shareable credentials.

The Results

Build Labs’ rewrite of the VeriShare app produced a more stable version, included expanded features, and coupled a brand new look and feel.  The resultant React App enables users to seemlessly request verifications, share verified credentials, and manage their credential portfolio.  Take back control of your personal data at

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