The Reading Revolution

Pathways To Reading has been delivering in-person curriculmn to children who seemed to be struggling to read at level for over 20 years. Their copyrighted material helps children of all ages and all learning levels navigate the unique nuances of Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, and overcoming the obstacles of Dyslexia.

Covid19 presented a new teaching hurdle to overcome: how to convert an inperson curriculm for children into an online curriculm while maintaining amazing and transformational results.   

The Solution? Build Labs


Brand Identity and UX for the webpages and web-app.


Mobile App design, new color palette, and full custom web design.


Built using React, Redux, and a Node backend.


Backend built using NodeJS, for a full JavaScript built platform.


Primary website was built on WordPress for ease of content & usability.


Build Labs used WooCommerce for payment and PCI compliance.

The Results

PTR partnered with Build Labs to design, build, and launch an online learning board which allows teachers and students to interact real-time with a learning board called e-Path Board.

Build Labs also designed and built a new website, featuring an eCommerce platform to allow for purchase of materials and curriculmn. 

Check out their new platform and website at

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