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Developer - Apprentice

Ready to continue expanding your capabilities in a guided approach?  Join us!

We can give you the guidance, mentorship, and practice you need to truly master your craft.  Under the expert tutelage of one of our DevelopMentors, you'll have the chance to work on amazing projects, get to know technologies, companies, and people.  You'll be free to master at your own pace.  Some developers feel "ready" after just a few months.  Most find a year with us builds their capabilities immensely.


You'll be coding, of course.  But more than that, you'll be working with a team to learn how to solve complex problems with code.  How to approach different solutions and find the right one.  How to communicate effectively with your team and Build Labs clients.  You'll be responsible for learning both on the job and on your own time.  What we strive to provide is the environment to allow you to practice.  Your DevelopMentor will check your code, verify your solutions, and work with you to deploy what you've built.


We expect apprentices to have experience with some of the following.

  • JavaScript and a JS Framework: jQuery, AngularJS, Angular, Bootstrap, React, ReactNative, Redux
  • A backend language: JS, .Net, Java, Ruby, Python, PHP
  • Databases: SQL, Mongo, Raven
  • Cloud Hosting: AWS, Heroku, Google, Azure.

Everything else, we'll help with.

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401 N 3rd Steet, Minneapolis, MN, 55401
Date posted
March 1, 2021
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Position: Developer - Apprentice

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