Food For Thought

Wish software was easier?

We make software easy. Ordering a burger easy. Where as most companies attempt to deliver the least required, we work to deliver the most possible, and all done well. 

We Listen

Got a big idea or a small improvement? We want to hear about it.

We Design

Web and mobile design from scratch, using proven recipes.

We Build

Front end, backend, CMS, accessibility, native moble, everything you need to make tasty software.

We Launch

Order today, deliver tomorrow. We make sure you get exactly what you order in the drive through.

We help with DO.

If you have a project you need done fast, well, and affordably, our rates are abolutely unmatched by on-shore development firms. We can delivery everything from custom website to native mobile apps. From eCommerce to AR. We deliver.

We help with WHO.

Tired of ‘consulting’ or ‘strategy’ companies telling you WHAT to do and HOW to do it when what you really need are the WHO? We provide developers to impact your immediate needs and when you’re ready, you can hire them full time to solve your long term staff needs.

Local Development

Build Labs extends your technology team, offering high value, low cost development by our team here in Minneapolis. No more midnight status calls or language barriers.

Experienced Review

Build Labs uses Paired Mentorship to deliver quality code written by, reviewed by a Senior Developer. With Build, you get more than you pay for.

Staff Solution

Need to add full time developers? How about experienced developers who already know your stack? We want you to hire our apprentices. It’s a win-win-win.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

“Build Labs has taken on a couple projects with us that were very unique in nature, as in proprietary, custom coding. They were able to reverse engineer, identify the issue, and resolve our requests in a timely, professional and cost efficient manner. Will definitely engage again as future projects arise.”

Sheldon W.

Evoloving Solutions

“What really speaks to me about Build Labs is the care and investment that they put into the vision. This isn’t only about the product or its delivery, but it’s also about the belief that our goal really aligned with their core values.”

Dr. Aida M.


Our Work

Here are a few of the companies who have engaged Build Labs to help build a MVP, extend the capabilites of their internal team, or just plain get work done.

uWash Android

Touchless car washes?  Why didn’t we think of this? WashCard did, and we helped deliver.

VeriShare React

VeriShare is changing the way background checks, certifications, emplyment verifications, etc are managed.

SuperClean Accessibility

Helping make sure all users can find SuperClean’s amazing products.

Sub-brand Microsites

Serving up some microsite templates on a tight timeline for Banner Engineering.


Why are my property taxes so high?  Pinpoint answers this question.

Bell Museum

An amazing gem of a museum right in our own backyard.  You need to explore this.


An LMS which helps teachers attain new credentials and keep their certifications current.


Innovative platform which connects Advertisers and Influencers.

Start the conversation.

Let us show you we can reduce your cost of development, increase the productivity and morale of your internal development team, and solve your technology hiring challenges.  Sound too good to be true? Let us tell you how we can achieve all this.