Paperwork Fatigue

Private pilots faces many obstacles. Chief among them is the amount of time it takes to file paperwork with all the proper regulation authorities. Among those regulating bodies is the Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection

CBP requires all pilots traveling to foreign destinations to file an APIS (Advance Passenger Information Systems). An APIS documents who is flying, who is a passenger, on what documents are they traveling, their departure information and their arrival information. This data is critical for CBP to enforce border security.

Build Labs started with full UX for the app, researching CBP requirements, developmer user personas.


After UX, Build Labs created a new design, a custom dashboard, a new logo, and full custom inner pages.


Utilizing a MEAN stack, we were able to build a robust web-app, stable and scalable for an MVP launch.

Flight Ops

As this app delivers government required flight information, it had to be stable and precise.

Google Cloud

One parameter of the project was that the App live on Google Cloud. Build Labs is familiar with nearly every cloud compute and hosting service.

3rd Party API

The automated APIS required an XML document sent to a 3rd Party partner for processing and distribution to CBP.

Payment Integration

Utilyzing Stripe for payment options made handling transactions a breeze and eliminated PCI compliance issues.


Post launch development and maintenance until FleXyber reaches critical mass and hires internall staff.

The Results

FleXyber’s aeroPaladin app launches everywhere in the coming weeks, set to revolutionize the industry.

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