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We build the best product in the world: you.

What is Build?

Build Labs is an immersive coding experience for developers and designers launching their careers in technology. Our structured apprenticeship provides these newly minted technologists with the experience, training, mentorship, and environment they need to accelerate their capabilities. At the end of the apprenticeship, our apprentices are hired full time by our clients. It’s a novel approach to solving the technology talent gap.


Code. Code. Code. Practice makes perfect and we’re here to make sure you have support, a conducive environment, and plenty of work to do.


The knowledge and tools you gained are invaluable, but it is only the start of your journey. Spend the next year perfecting you craft.


Our mentors help you build your capabilities through paired programming, code reviews, and supportive feedback.


We arm you with knowledge, experience, training, and coaching you’ll need in the future as you launch your career in technology.

You need software.

Build Labs provides truly affordable software design and development at rates competitive with off-shore development, but without all the hassles. Find out how.

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You need staff.

We help companies large and small build their internal technology teams and reduce or eliminate the need to use staffing firms. We can help you build the team you need.

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You need practice.

Build Labs is proudly powered by bootcamp graduates using a Master/Apprentice model. Get 1-on-1 guidance, learn new languages, and master your craft. 

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We have helped clients just like you.

How do new developers/designers gain experience and mastery to become more effective for their future employers?


How can employers find a continuous supply of affordable, talented, and experienced designers and developers?


Your mentor provides the guidance, support, and knowledge source you’ll need to put your put your capabilities to work.


Java, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Angular, React, .Net. You’ll work with exceptional developers on real-world solutions for clients.


During your apprenticeship, you’ll learn best practices, write efficient code, and expand your capabilities to master your craft.

Looking for the next stage in your Career? This is it.

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We’re not just great at technology. We’re great at making YOU great at technology.


Our immersive environment accelerates your capabilities. You’ll learn faster, code better, and produce more results. Plus you’ll make friends and contacts you’ll retain your entire career.


Skills gaps. We all have them. Each apprentice receives their own structured learning path designed to advance strengths and build capabilities in those skills gaps.


While advancing your strengths in the lanugage of your choice, you’ll have the opportunity to learn other languages to help round out your skills. Python, JavaScript, .Net, Java, PHP. You’ll have access to masters of all.


Develop an expertise in Augmented Reality, big data, IoT, the cloud, and all the things. Our projects span the technology spectrum, putting the skills companies need within your reach. See how far you can go.

Solutions at your fingertips.

Are you a company seeking a way to lower the cost of development AND solve your tech hiring challenges? You found it. Our development prices rival off-shore rates without all the hassle. And when the apprenticeships are complete, you have talented developers ready to join your team full time (with no fee, of course!).


Every bit of code either written, reviewed, or check by our senior DevelopMentors before commit.


We work as an extension of your existing team, or as a stand-alone development partner.


Solve your future talent needs by hiring developers who already know your platform. Our apprentices.

As one of our clients, you’re in great company.

It all starts with a simple conversation about how we can help.
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What’s it like to work at Build?

We’re not just an immersive technology environment designed to grow your skills at an amazing pace. Build Labs is also an amazing place to work.


Everyone needs time off to recharge their batteries. WFH, flexible work schedules, side projects all keep you charged.


You helped earn it. Why wouldn’t you get a share? Every employee gets a share of the profit. Yes, that means you too.


Taking a train, bus, or bike to work? We applaud your environmentally conscious decision and reimburse the cost.


You don’t need our approval to continue learning. You’ll have complete control over how you spend your training dollars.

Looking for your next challenge? Join us!


Building the Future

Tech bootcamps are helping create future technologists. We work closely with Minnesota’s fantastic bootcamps including The Software Guild and Prime Digital Academy to help launch the careers of these developers and UX designers.



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